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ADSLphone virtual phone lines?



Additional Vox phone lines

By default your ADSL phone offers you two additional phone lines (see requirements below) which you can use simultaneously. Both these lines are virtual phone lines that offers perfect voice quality over the Internet and can comfortably replace your extra Telkom lines.  You will be able to connect additional handsets or phones to these lines using the accompanying ADSL modem. Dialing and answering calls are exactly the same.  The Vox ADSL cordless phone can also be used as an Telkom cordless phone. To switch to your Telkom line simply  dial *9.

There is however two limitations. You can only connect one base station (ADSL router) per ADSL line. All additional cordless handsets will connect through the one base station. A maximum of 5 cordless handsets can be connected to the one ADSL base station (router).  The second limitation is the speed of your ADSL line.  Since VoIP technology (voice over Internet) uses your Internet data and bandwidth to make calls,  the more people talk simultaneously the more Internet bandwidth and traffic you will use.  This means that the voice calls will compete with each other for bandwidth. If your ADSL internet connection is to slow you may only be able to use one additional Vox line and it may cause the second  call to be dropped or your internet downloads to momentarily stop until the call is completed.  It also depends on how much Internet traffic you personally use at the same time (i.e. emails, Internet browsing, downloads etc) as this will all play a factor.  Voice data gets priority over normal data like emails or web browsing.  As a guidance and rule of thumb only,  you can safely use Vox virtual lines with the following ADSL speeds but the best is to try and test it for yourself:
  • 312kbps speed ADSL:      Use 1 Vox line
  • 512 kbps speed ADSL:     Use 1 to 2 Vox lines
  • 1024kbps speed ADSL:    Use 2
  • 4024kbps speed ADSL:    Use 2

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*Requirements: All products require an ADSL line.  To receive 2 extra phone lines you will require a ADSL line speed of  512kbps and faster. The service can be linked with ADSL from any service provider. When obtaining a new ADSL line ensure that you do not order a ADSL modem as an ADSL modem is already included whit this order

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