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Work smarter, get more done, talk more to your clients, cut your phone bill. Free calls and up-to 40% saving on your Telkom phone bill.

  - Replaces old fashioned Telkom phones
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Reliable calling from an ADSL phone over the Internet
The Vox ADSL phone and number is an easy add-on to your ADSL service. Make and answer calls on your new 087 number.

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Small Businesses can now also use VoIP. Vox allows you to make telephone calls over the Internet via your ADSL line. The benefit of this is reduced costs of all national, international and cellular calls. Until recently VoIP was only available to larger corporates and call centres that could invest in expensive Telkom Diginet infrastructure. Vox is now able to offer this service to SME and INDIVIDUALS. Now your Internet connection (ADSL) is all you need to have a fully converged voice and data solution.

Vox offers you great features. An additional income stream for your business by allowing you to make money on all incoming calls you receive from your clients. It also provides you with basic PABX functionality when you have additional handsets and 2 extra phone lines combined with one SA phone number. Providing that your ADSL connection is fast enough you will receive an additional phone line for each  extra phone or handset you order.
Why you should implement a VoIP Solution in your business?
  • Save 16% on cell phone calls
  • Save 23%+ on long distance calls
  • Make 20c to 40c on each incoming call you receive
  • Receive UNLIMITED FREE call minutes by everyone also using this service (i.e. remote branch office,  family or friends)
  • Ability to send voice and data over one link
  • Receive additional phone lines and a 087 phone number 

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