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"Talk is cheap", but with Vox it really is!




Cheap Calls

  - Cheap calls world wide to cell phones and land lines
  - Earn cash for receiving incoming calls!


Now, that's better than a normal phone

Better than a phone? Yep, you betcha! Vox isn’t just about free Vox-to-Vox calls and nice cheap calls to local, national and international phones and cell phones. You can also do much, much more.

For starters, should anybody call you on your new Vox 087 number from a cell phone or land line you will earn up-to 40c per minute, cash paid into your bank account. Yes Vox pays you for receiving calls.  Imagine another income stream in your business or at home that generates money for nothing.  Should you receive a hours incoming cell phone calls per day you will receive an extra R 710.00 or more per month. So it's money for nothing and calls for free.  Making international calls are also dirt cheap.  When you compare Vox with Telkom it would be cheaper for you to phone America or the UK on Vox than it will be to call your neighbour on your Telkom line. Yes make calls from as little as 15c per minute.  All you will need to get going is Vox and an ADSL line.

  Great Savings:

1.       Save 16% on cell phone calls

2.       Save 23%+  on long distance calls

3.       Save 50 - 80% on international calls

4.       Earn 20c to 40c cash on incoming calls

5.       UNLIMITED FREE CALLING to everyone also using Vox


Click here to view a full list of Vox calling rates (PDF)

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