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Cost & Equipment

   -Price includes all the equipment needed
   -Additional handset and charger can be added
   -Allows your normal Telkom phone to be plugged in as a second Vox phone 


  Sign-up at only R 49 pm...
and receive all the following FREE
  • Vox cordless phone (digital)
  • ADSL modem/router (2 port + 5 Wireless ports)
  • Unique South African 087 phone number
  • 2 Extra phone lines
  • 24 hour delivery to your door*
  • No contract (cancel anytime)
  • Phone insurance
  • Free voicemail
  • Free call forwarding
  • Free call waiting
    And lots more...
What do you need to sign-up?
  • You need to have ADSL
  • You need an e-mail address
  • A computer during installation only

(*no Contract)

( + an once-off
setup fee of R 300 all inclusive)
48 hours delivery to your door!*

*No Contract !


*Next day delivery to your door for credit card orders made before 11:00  Read more
*Free equipment will be on loan basis only. Read more


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