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Vox to Vox calls are free


Free Calls                                                                
It's what Vox is made for

Using Vox to call another person who also has Vox is totally free. Yep, absolutely nothing. Zip. Zero. Zilch.

  • Unlimited Free Vox-to-Vox calls.
  • To anywhere in South Africa
  • And at anytime, day, night, morning or weekends.
Free calling               
If your clients, contacts and employees join Vox  you can call them free, wherever they are in South Africa. You can call them free any time day or night. Talk over the presentation with your team mate who’s working from home. All calls cost the same. Zero. That’s a whole lot of something for nothing.
You and your contacts will need to have ADSL to talk to each other. Great solution for small businesses with regional offices.
You can also use Vox to earn cash on incoming calls and make pretty cheap calls to phones and mobiles.

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