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Not just a pretty face


Great Features
 Everybody likes something for free.

Your Vox package offers many benefits and includes all the below additional services

    Call Forwarding
Get your calls forwarded wherever you are and still receive your rebates.
  Caller ID
Shows the telephone number of the incoming caller or missed calls. 
   Voice Mail
Never miss a call. Let them leave you a message
  Call Return
View the phone number of the calls you missed. Simply press a button to call it.
  Call Waiting
Notifies you of an incoming call while you are busy on an existing call.  Then it allows you to switch between calls while putting the other one on hold.

Speed Dial 
Instantly dial pre-programmed phone numbers.
  Itemised Billing
Real-time online itemised bill . Available 24 hours a day.


We are constantly trying to improve and add new services, so remember to check out this page in the future to see what new services you will be getting for free.

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