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Vox compared to Skype

"Vox is a service aimed at South Africans... also pays rebates"





        vs. Skype - call the world at rock bottom prices


Vox Comparison to Skype and other VoIP suppliers


  • Vox outgoing call rates in South Africa is cheaper than that of Skype.
  • The ADSL phone looks, sounds and acts exactly like a normal telephone.
  • You don’t need a computer like when using Skype, I-Burst, etc. The Vox ADSL phone is a stand alone unit. It only requires a computer during set-up.
  • Unlike Skype (in South Arica) you will receive a real telephone number on which you can receive incoming calls from any phone or cell phone.
  • With Vox you receive rebates of 20c to 40c on incoming calls. Receive a lot of calls and you can even make money.
  • Cordless phone with digital display included in price. If the unit breaks simply have it replaced free of charge. 
  • Since Vox is a local service provider (South African) your data is cheaper. Should your data bundle be finish you are allowed to still use your Vox phone because most ADSL ISP's provide local data for free after your cap is finished. Had it been Skype or other Voip service providers you  would not be able to talk any longer or would have to top p your data bundle.
  • The following free services is included ….Call Waiting, Call Holding, Voice Mail, Call Forwarding, etc.
  • With Vox you can start a network marketing business to make money by signing up as a dealer and referring the product to customers, friends and family.
  • Aimed and customized for the South African Market.
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