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South Africa Only
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    Vox Call Rates 
  International Rates
  Argentina 27c/min
  Australia 34c/min
  Belguim 37c/min
  Canada 26c/min
  China 30c/min
  Czech 32c/min
  Denmark 31c/min
  France 32c/min
  Germany 31c/min
  Spain 32c/min
  Sweden 37c/min
  Switzerland 37c/min
  Taiwan 38c/min
  UK 34c/min
  USA 34c/min
  South Africa
  Vox to Vox FREE
  Cell Phone OffPk 95c/min
  SA Cell Phones Pk R 1.49/min
  All National Pk 39c/min
  National Off Peak 29c/min
  Earn money on calls:
  Cell phones earn 40c/min
  Land lines earn 20c/min
  (paid to you when you receive calls)
  Other Countries
at reduced rates



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Easy add-on to any ADSL line.
Basic1           (Setup fee R375)  R 49 pm
Includes: 1 x SA number,  2 x extra phone lines *(see requirements at bottom), 1 handsets, 1 x desk charger, 1 x ADSL modem (with Wi-Fi),  1 x  phone jack port for normal/cordless phone or fax machine (or linkup with exiting PABX). Optional: Add more handsets later for PABX function.

How does it work?

The Vox ADSL phone is an easy add-on to any ADSL line. It not only pays for itself, it can also pay for your ADSL! In effect you get everything free. Its a virtual phoneline and cordless phone that is linked to a new phone number. You can make and receive calls to any land line or cell phone. It offers many benefits to your traditional phone and perfect voice quality!

Unlimited free anytime calls to other ADSL phones. Join the free calling community and call homes and businesses with free calls

Save up to 80% on international calls, 18% on cell phone calls, 30% on national calls.  Use the Cost Saving Calculator to see how much you save. 
Get paid, and get it free!

Yup, free calls is not even the best part. The best part is that you get paid!  Your ADSL phone will not only pay for itself, but also pays money into your bank!  If you use your new phone number for your home or small business it pays you 20c to 40c  per minute, every time you receive calls from traditional numbers and cell phones. Imagine that!

Should you receive just 35 min of incoming calls per day you already earn between R210 and R420 extra per month. That even covers your ADSL costs. So you get ADSL free, providing you receive enough calls. You will always earn something, and should you receive more calls, you earn more! That in itself is the single best reason to order your ADSL phone right now without delay!
    View requirements at bottom.                                          Does not include ADSL line or data!  


It's a great deal !
48 hours delivery to your door!*

   Sign-up at only R49.00 pm
      and receive all the following FREE
  • 48 hour delivery to your door*
  • No contract (cancel anytime)
  • Phone insurance
  • Vox cordless phone (digital)
  • ADSL modem    (+ Wi-Fi)
  • 2 Extra phone lines
  • 1 SA phone number
  • Free Vox to Vox calls
  • Cheap cell phone etc calls
  • Earn rebates
  • Free voicemail
  • Free call forwarding
  • Free call waiting
    And lots more...

       No Contract !


       What do you need to sign-up?
  • You need to have ADSL* (see bottom requirements)
  • You need an e-mail address
  • A computer during installation only

48 hours delivery to your door!*



           Optional Accessories

Additional Desk Charger
(excludes handset )

R75.00 Once off
Additional Handset with  Desk Charger.
Offers basic PABX  and intercom functionality  by allowing calls to be transferred between handsets. Make simultaneous calls . Maximum 5 handsets per Vox 087 number/modem .  Click here to read more>

(This is not a standalone product and it can only be used in conjunction with your main Vox ADSL phone /modem.)

R60.00Once off
R29.00p / m
         More Phone packages:
Small Business         (Setup fee  R 435)                R 78 pm
  Includes:  Same as Basic1 package + additional cordless handset and desk charger,   transfer calls (mini PABX), intercom function, Optional: Add more handsets later. To order this package click on the red "ORDER NOW" button above and order the optional extras as on picture above,

Max5         (Setup fee R 540)                                R 165 pm
  Includes:   Same as Basic1 package +  4 additional cordless handset  (five in total), 5 x chargers,  Mini PABX allows you to transfer calls between handsets and intercom function allows you to make calls from one handset to the other,   To order this package click on the red "ORDER NOW" button above and order the optional extras as on picture above.

  All products require an ADSL line.  ADSL is not included! To receive 2 extra talking lines with your ADSL phone, you will require a ADSL line speed of  512kbps and faster. If speed is less only one line is guaranteed. The service can be linked with any ADSL from any service provider. When obtaining a new ADSL line ensure that you do not order a ADSL modem as an ADSL modem is already included when you order an ADSL phone!

*Next day delivery to your door for credit card orders made before 11:00. (exl weekends)  Read more
*Free equipment will be on loan basis only.
Read more





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